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Episode 123 : Warrior Come out and plaaaaaaayyyy

Episode 123 : Warrior Come out and plaaaaaaayyyy

October 20, 2021

This week we discuss the news... Alkaline goes off on how celestial alignment works and then we talk about warrior and the viable decks to play on ladder!!!

Hotfix 21.4.3 rolled out to fix External Legend Rank Bug and Casual Quest Bug among others 

Hallow's End Returns to the Tavern until November 9th 


Headless Horseman Uther and Aranna Starseeker hero portraits available in the shop 

Gallon tweets no changes coming before Masters Tour Stormwind this weekend 

Iksar Twitter Q&A #33 

  • Masters Tour Stormwind this weekend (October 22nd-24th), broadcast starts at 6am Pacific Time each day. You can earn up to two Year of the Phoenix card packs by watching any of the official YouTube channels, watch two total hours to receive one pack and two more hours for your second.
Episode 122 : We‘re talkin Mercs!!!

Episode 122 : We‘re talkin Mercs!!!

October 13, 2021

I mean the only thing on pretty much everyones mind this week is Mercenaries and we have a long conversation about it!!!  


Patch 21.4 and Hearthstone Mercenaries launches (See what I mean :D )

List of known issues with 21.4:

Dean Ayala's Twitter Q&A #32 

Glory, Gaby and McBanterFace win Grandmasters Season 2 


Episode 121 : Reaching for the (11) stars

Episode 121 : Reaching for the (11) stars

October 6, 2021

This week Mageadeath looks for insight into DragonRiders & DaringAlkalines climb to legend this month with the 11x multipler.  We go over tips and our mental state to make that climb so quickly. 

Alec Dawson leaves Hearthstone Team for another unannounced Blizzard project 

New 'Welcome to Mercenaries" video released 

Thijs, Blitzchung among latest to retire from competitive Hearthstone 

Iksar's Twitter Q&A #31 

Alanc86, Gaby and Killinallday win final regular season week of Grandmasters 



Episode 120 : Who, What & Why? A Hearthstone game show

Episode 120 : Who, What & Why? A Hearthstone game show

September 29, 2021

This week DragonRider hosts Who What Why a gameshow where she asks the tough questions about our hearthstone dreams and desires!!!

Hearthstone 2021 World Championship set for December 18 and 19

King Rastakhan and Elise Starseeker hero portraits with their card back available in the in game shop 

Alutemu, Gaby and Frozen win week 6 of Grandmasters 

Team NoProsHere is hosting a Mercenaries tournament on Wednesday October 13th, Bo3 double elimination tournament, each player brings 6 Mercenaries. Casted by MullahooTV and drumroll..... Dragonrider!

Episode 119 : Nerfs Nerfs Nerfs : A Warlock story

Episode 119 : Nerfs Nerfs Nerfs : A Warlock story

September 22, 2021

This week we talk news and Dragon Riders Casting experience casting Americas Grandmasters this past week!!!!!!!

Hearthstone patch 21.3 with nerfs and buffs is now live 

United in Stormwind Mini Set appears to be launching in late October or early November 

Shadowlands Hero Skin Bundle available through October 11th (card bundles) 

New FAQ and content creator videos show off new Mercenaries game mode 

Deck Spotlight: WickedGood's Quest Shaman deck guide 

Dean Ayala's Twitter Q&A #30 

AlanC86, XBlyzes and Lnguagehackr get week 5 wins in Grandmasters 

Max Team League of Nations – voting for nation reps is underway via twitter, event will start in January

Dreamhack Hearthstone Nations – voting also underway, use the google form to vote for who you'd like to see compete for various nations in either the Standard 1v1, Standard team, or BG team portions. Voting goes through Oct 15th, matches start Oct 25th.

Episode 118 : High Skill cards

Episode 118 : High Skill cards

September 15, 2021

This week we a take a look and talk about some cards that we felt were high skill testing and hard to use in the current meta. 

Wild bug fix deployed to address C'Thun/Maxima Blastenheimer interaction 

Iksar Twitter Q&A #29 

Deck Guide Spotlight: Garrote Rogue Megaguide from Orange 

GivePLZ, Felkeine and Monsanto get week 4 wins in Grandmasters 

Super Girl Gamer Pro Hearthstone: The Sequel Tournament, this coming Sunday, Sept 19th at 1:30pm Eastern. $2500 prizes split between top 4 Top 8 point earners from the Summer Season – CaraCute, Murcielagotamis, TheTeacher, linthesis, Babybear, NaySyl, Edelweiss, ParaPlayerCollegiate HS is back - each expansion will have it's own open qualifier season, with top teams earning cash prizes and spots in the annual Hearthstone Collegiate Masters tournament which will also feature cash prizing and invite to a 2022 Masters Tour. 

China Gold Team Playoffs starting - "After 15 weeks of regular season fighting, the top six teams will advance to the playoffs from September 21st to October 4th." - that's a lot of weeks of competition!!

CN just finished it's first season of the China Grandmasters - "2021 Hearthstone Grandmasters Global Finals CN Qualification (CN Grandmasters S1 Playoffs) start this weekend(Sept. 4-5)! 8 players with the highest Gold Points from March to June will compete for the place to advance to the Hearthstone Global Finals 2021." - Xiaobai won

CN Gold Team YouTube -

Episode 117 : Play or Mull a fun new game!
Episode 116 : Lookin for a few good Mercs!!!

Episode 116 : Lookin for a few good Mercs!!!

September 1, 2021

While Daring is out this week due to illness DragonRider and Mageadeath step up and cover this weeks news and the new mode MERCENARIES!!! 

2 Warlock nerfs announced with release of patch 21.2 

Alec Dawson shares a timeline for balance schedule for the next month 

Hearthstone Mercenaries Stream shows off new game mode launching October 12 

New “Gift of Elune” card back hints at another community puzzle

Jiuqianyu (Ju-Wan-U) wins Masters Tour Silvermoon


Episode 115 : Lock, Paper, Shaman

Episode 115 : Lock, Paper, Shaman

August 25, 2021

After recapping the news of the week we take  a look at two of the most power decks of the meta at the moment Quest Shaman & Quest Handlock

Hearthstone Mercenaries Stream scheduled for August 31, 9 am PT 

Iksar Twitter Q&A #26 

Iksar Asks Twitter: Would You Like to See a Class Bonus Event in Hearthstone? 

Deck Guide Spotlight: WickedGood's Deck Guide to Quest Handlock 

Posesi, Frenetic and Monsanto get wins during Week 2 of Grandmasters 

Muzzy announces he's retiring from competitive Hearthstone at end of season 

  • This coming weekend, August 27th-29th is Masters Tour Silvermoon, broadcasts starts at 9 am Pacific time. YouTube drops available - 2 Year of the Phoenix packs, one after 2 hours of viewing, the 2nd pack after another 2 hours (4 hours total).

Episode 114 : Moving the banner in stormwind!
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