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Episode 105 : Into the Wailing Caverns

Episode 105 : Into the Wailing Caverns

June 9, 2021

This week we hit the news then do a full mini set review for the wailing caverns!!! Come Chat as we talk the new cards and what we've seen and played. 

Wailing Caverns mini set goes live 

Patch 20.4 includes Balance Changes to Paladin, new achievements, and buying most card backs with gold 

Three new Hearthstone bundles available in the shop 

Book of Mercenaries: Xyrella now available, Gruff Runetotem will be available June 15th 

Posesi, Frenetic and Nalguidan win season 1 of Grandmasters 

Full list of cards:

Episode 104 : We recorded this before all the cards were released!!!

Episode 104 : We recorded this before all the cards were released!!!

June 2, 2021

We go over the news and look at the 8 cards that were revealed at the time of the recording!!! 

Wailing Caverns mini set to be released June 3rd 

Share a Deck feature should be fixed in patch 20.4 later this week 

Jalexander posts Hearthstone Crash Course 

Looking to complete Forged in the Barrens achievements? Check out the Out of Cards guides

Blizzard announces no in-person BlizzCon in 2021 

Posesi, xBlyzes, and Muzzy get wins in final week of Grandmasters before playoffs 

8 of 35 cards have been revealed so far:

Episode 103 : Looking forward to mini set!
Episode 102 : Kazakus is still… Kazakus
Episode 101 : Planning for bad matchups

Episode 101 : Planning for bad matchups

May 12, 2021

We go over the news since the patch did notes didn't come out before we recorded!  So instead we took a look at in this swing turn meta what's the best way to approach your bad matchups. 

Nerfs/Buffs coming Wednesday (so after we record this) 

New Standard Bundle now available in the shop through May 24 

Khadgar Hero Portrait and Pizza Stone card back also available in shop 

Dean Ayala's Twitter Q&A #17 

Mysteries of the Phoenix Card Back Achievement solved 

Hat tip to Blizzard: Battlegrounds Brawl event has better inclusion 

Blitzchung, Rdu and Nalguidan gets wins in week 4 of Grandmasters 


Episode 100 : Extravaganza COME CELEBRATE LIVE (Previously Recorded)

Episode 100 : Extravaganza COME CELEBRATE LIVE (Previously Recorded)

May 5, 2021

LIVE EPISODE 100 EXTRAVAGANZA!! We recount a lot of the news and then we talk Paladin the best class in the meta!!!  A big shout out to any one listening to this 100th episode!!! We are so glad youre here with us for this big milestone. Thank you all so much

Patch 20.2 Goes Live

Awards choice of 1 from 10 new Hero Portraits featuring upgraded armor (though this was bugged when initially released) Larger screenshots of each:

New eSports-exclusive Golden Skies card back added. All Ironforge & Orgrimmar competitors will receive this card back within 30 days of the 20.2 patch going live.

New "Mysteries of the Phoenix" card back added in patch 20.2 - requires solving a Barrens Puzzle

Alec Dawson hints at another round of balance changes coming soon

Dame Hazelbark hero portrait and card back available in shop. Darkspeaker cardback as well

Meati posts quick guide to using Illucia

Dean Ayala's Twitter Q&A #16

Gaby wins Masters Tour: Orgrimmar 

Episode 99 :  Itachi’s Insight!!!

Episode 99 : Itachi’s Insight!!!

April 28, 2021

 Mage is out this week and we welcome special guest from AFG Itachi_HS 

Find him here and !!!

We talk motivation and how to break down and achieve ones goals in hearthstone!!! 

Episode 98 : Importance of Inclusion

Episode 98 : Importance of Inclusion

April 21, 2021

This week we have a real hard talk and let Dragon Rider voice her experiences as a woman inside of hearthstone.  After a long look and discussion we wrap up the show this week with a discussion of the post nerf meta. 

Blizzard announces Crossroads Inn-vitational that sparks community feedback on inclusion 

Inclusion discussion leads to change in Inn-vitational roster 

Nozdormu Day is the 15th of Every Month 

Iksar's Twitter Q&A #14 

Kabal card back in shop for a limited time 

GivePLZ, Warma, Tincho take wins in Grandmasters week 2 

Episode 97 : They Finally got him…(Pen Flinger that is)
Episode 96 : Mages Paladins and Rogues OH MAI!!!

Episode 96 : Mages Paladins and Rogues OH MAI!!!

April 7, 2021

Mages Paladins and Rogues OH MY!!! This week we take a look at news and then go over the boogiepeople of the meta as we look at Rogue Mage and Paladin and what makes them really powerful. 

Forged in the Barrens has a rough launch, but has already had 3 server patches 

Second server patch fixed a bug in the Everybunny Get in Here Tavern Brawl and the Mysterious Tome treasure in Duels 

Third Patch 

With Paladin, Mage and Rogue dominating the early meta, Alec Dawson shares balance changes are coming 

Grandmaster starts this week and card pack drops have returned 

Rokara, the Warrior Book of Mercenaries single player content is now available 

Blizzard also released a Meet the Mercenaries blog post: 

Iksar's most recent Twitter Q&A #12 

Medivh Bundle and For the Hoard card back available in the shop 

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