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Episode 140 : More DOTS!!! A Miniset Review

February 16, 2022

This week we spend our time going through all 35 cards in the Onyxia's lair miniset!!!

Fractured in Alterac Valley miniset - Onyxia's Lair along with Patch 22.4 has launched 

Ferocious Fur Ball and Blooming Flower portrait Bundles available in the shop for $10 USD 

Book of Mercenaries: Bru'kan now available 

Youtube drops during Master's Tour Onyxia’s Lair this weekend 

Masters Tour Onxyia’s Lair is happening this weekend, Feb 17-19th. Broadcasts start at 3pm Pacific each day (tournament is based on APAC time-zone. Drops to be earned from watching - 

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