Doctor3 : A Hearthstone Podcast

Episode 142 : Homing in on a Vision for success

March 2, 2022

DragonRider leads the discussion on Mindset and bringing vision to what you do inside hearthstone! 

Two new hero portrait bundles available in the shop 

Old Guardian ranks Kazakusan treasures for HS Top Decks 

HSReply ranks the Top 5 Kazakusan treasures 

LambySeries, xBlyzes and Frozen get week 1 wins in Grandmasters 

Community Clash. There are 4 different time slots of qualifiers on the Saturday, with the top 2 winners from each playing in an 8 player tournament on Sunday for a $1500 prize pool, and the winner gets an invite to the next MT. Casting by dragonrider, den & dollabilz 

Athlete’s Mindset - article written by Author, Fighter, and Trainer Simon Boulter talking about 12 Mental Skills of Highly Successful Athletes 

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