Doctor3 : A Hearthstone Podcast

Episode 144 : Heading To the Sunken City

March 17, 2022

Voyage to the Sunken City is the next Hearthstone Expansion and we spend the episode talking about the new cards we have!!! ALL 13 of THEM!!! 

Core Set Changes and Hearthstone Year theme won't be revealed until April 5th 

Patch 22.6 Releases with Changes to BGs, Blademaster Okani Legendary, Legendary Quest Chain for Tavish Portraits and Dawngrasp solo content 

Portrait Bundles for Tavish and Rokara added to Shop 

Dean Ayala's Twitter Q & A #39 

Speaking of Iksar, Dean Ayala is Hearthstone's Interim Game Director 

Che0nsu, Floki and Pun get week 3 wins in Grandmasters 

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