Doctor3 : A Hearthstone Podcast

Episode 169: Hunters of the Beast and Demon Variety

September 14, 2022

Kat is out this week, but dragonrider and Mageadeath talk about the changes in the meta, tournament dates, and what they expect to continue seeing in the meta.


Patch 24.2.2 brings 7 card nerfs, 2 buffs to Standard


Two new portrait bundles and 2 wild bundles available in the shop

Wild Bundles are just in time for this week's Wild Brawliseum in the Tavern Brawl


  • Dates for the last several major HS Esports tournaments have been revealed in an infographic via the HSEsports twitter



  • Abar got to make an announcement about HS Esports for 2023 on twitter…sort of.




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